Saturday, September 16, 2017

Tour de Donut

There are defining moments in life. Moments that push you to the limit. Choosing to win, at the risk of tossing your cookies. Pressuring your teenagers to acquiesce to wearing coordinating jerseys. Choosing that tenth donut. The difference between being crowned Donut Queen and going home merely exhausted and nauseated.

Today, we met that challenge as a family, and we emerged victorious: Second place girl, second place unicycle (a division created for our family!), first place woman over 65 (good job Mom!), first place woman 36-45, and Donut Queen and Donut Princess. 26 donuts consumed and 63 miles raced between the four Morningstar riders. A proud day.

Here's WanYing's description of her day:

The Tour de Donut is a ride where there's three laps. Each of them are seven miles. And once you go once around you get to eat donuts and each donut you eat you get three minutes off.

And there's different age groups. One of them is ten years old and then there's another age group which is like to twentyish. And I rode in the younger than ten one.

I ate four donuts, but I only had to go two laps because I was in the younger than ten group. And I was Princess of Eating Donuts for my age group. And I got second place in my age group for overall time.

It was hard because I to ride my own bike for fourteen miles. I felt good after the ride. And I would do it again.

I'll level with you - ten donuts pushed me to the brink.  But the fame, the glory, the commemorative plaque, and sharing the Donut Queen/Donut Princess plinth with my girl, well, that's a memory that no mere queasiness could ever sully.

Sam proudly finishes
One more pic of all our bling
I won the battle of the coordinating jerseys. I lost on the bottom half - Ben and Sam wore jeans and Birkenstocks. Choose your battles.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

19th Anniversary

Today we celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary! I've officially been married for half of my life - that's a pretty darn cool thing to be able to say.

I'm so proud of us!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ben's 14th Birthday

Last week we celebrated Ben's 14th birthday, and boy did we celebrate in style! Being born around a holiday, especially a holiday with fireworks as its signature component, Ben's birthday tends to be quite a party :)

Ben decided to celebrate his 14th year by doing all five spans of the Sundance zip line. As one has to be 10 to ride, this was Sasha's first time and as you can see, she was just a little excited...
Mom and Sasha on the training span
The boys continually reiterated how not nervous they were
Down Bishop's Bowl they go!
Ben glides by Mt. Timpanogos
Ben and Daddy coming in for a landing

The party continued with the traditional Fourth-of-July cookout, board games, lazing about, and, of course, fireworks!

We never understand why the dog doesn't maul him.

We spent a wonderful weekend celebrating our fabulous 14-year-old. Happy birthday Ben!


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